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Julia Beliaeva - Fragile City
29.03. - 21.05.23 


Opening hours
Tue-Sun, Hol 10:00-18:00
Closed Mondays

OK Linz

Ok Platz 1

4020 Linz


Julia Beliaeva balances gracefully between virtuality, physicality and fragility. In her digitally generated sculptures and videos, she fuses past and present - especially of her hometown Kiev. In the animated video "Heroes of the City," for example, skaters appropriate the Soviet monument on Victory Square in the "hero city" of Kiev, and figures from the now-closed porcelain factory "Kyiv Ceramic" become models for her virtual sculptures, according to the concept "digital porcelain." With the Russian attack on Ukraine, Julia Beliaeva fled to Austria and became part of the residency program of the OÖLKG and the Academy of Ceramics Gmunden. In the course of her residency, she created the installation "Social Meditation" and her most monumental work to date, "Fragile City," at Gmunden Ceramics. The objects, which at first appear to be tiled stoves, are reminiscent of bombed-out, burned-out houses in Kiev and tell of war and flight in the figurative frieze.

The exhibition at OK Linz shows Julia Beliaeva's series of works "Fragile City" with two sculptures and a photo series in the context of selected, older works. A porcelain figure created in 2016 deals with the so-called "Holodomor," the great famine of the 1930s in Ukraine.

Winter exhibition
Academy of Ceramics Gmunden

09.11.22 - 31.03.23 



Opening hours
Mo-Fr 10:00-17:00
Sa 10:00-16:00

Admission FREE

Gmundner Keramik manufactory

Keramikstraße 24

4810 Gmunden

The winter exhibition in the premises of Gmundner Keramik shows important works from the early days of the ceramics manufactory by Emilie Schleiss-Simandl and Michael Powolny as well as the greats of the "Group H" Gudrun Wittke-Baudisch and Franz Josef Altenburg. The exhibition will also feature the works created during the first Academy of Ceramics in the summer of 2022.


The pottery of the SAN - 

Donkerbos, Namibia

In several workshops in the Kalahari, San artists from the Donkerbos and Drimiopsis settlements created a series of designs for artistic ceramics by Gmundner Keramik as well as elaborately produced unique pieces. It was the beginning of a cooperation that on the one hand provides the San with a livelihood and on the other hand takes the artistic programme of Gmunden Ceramics to another high point.
The owner of Gmunden Ceramics, Markus Friesacher, has a close connection to Namibia. He knows the history and fate of the San (a collective term for some indigenous ethnic groups in southern Africa) and actively supports them.
The high artistic skills of the artists in Donkerbos led to the idea of producing an AfricaCeramicsEdition in 2022. This is how a unique project came into being.


AoCG Artist in Residence


Exhibitions and events as well as working stays and residencies for artists at Gmundner Keramik promote the transfer of artistic and technical know-how. The Academy of Ceramics Gmunden (AoCG) is characterised by the exchange between employees, visitors and artists.

Six international artists work on site and present their works in the exhibition: Dominika Bednarsky, Linda Luse, Ben Orkin, Rosi Steinbach, Julia Beliaeva and Maria Kulikovska.


Photos © Michael Maritsch

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