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Tsai Jia-Hong

*1994 in Taiwan
lives inTaipeh and Kaohsiung


In her ceramic work she experiments with a state in which "things wrap around each other". Jia-Hong is of the opinion that consciousness, bodies and materials of everyday life are enriched by new sensory experiences in the process of creating "ceramic bodies".

Tsai Jia-Hong
Gmunden Artist-Aono Chiho-work-2023-©Michael-Maritsch_0005.jpg

Aono Chiho

*1974 in Yokohama/JP,
lives and works in Linz


Aono Chiho forms fluid-looking ceramics with elaboratelly painted surfaces. Her objects drip down from pedestals, seeming almos fabric-like with their matte surfaces and designs. Both the continuous organic patterns and the motifs are inspired by nature.

Aono Chiho
Gmunden Artist-Laura Põld-work-2023-©Michael-Maritsch_0024.jpg

Laura Põld

Laura Põld *1984 in Tallinn/EE,

lives and works in Tallinn and Vienna.


Laura Põld combines installation, textiles, drawing, and ceramics in her work. By using traditional techniques such as ceramics and carpet weaving, she blurs the lines between modernity and archaic life. Põld studied ceramics at the Estonian Academy of Arts in Tallinn, painting at the University of Tartu, and sculptural conceptions and ceramics at the University of Art and Design Linz.

Laura Põld
Gmunden Artist-Andile Dyalvane-work-2023-©Michael-Maritsch_0047.jpg

Andile Dyalvane

* 1978 in Ngobozana/SA, lives and works in Cape Town.


Andile Dyalvane, one of South Africa’s leading ceramic artists, is guided by a deep spiritual connection to his Xhosa ancestors. His complex, large-format ceramic artworks are metaphorical vessels designed to honor his cultural traditions and share his journey toward knowledge

Andile Dyalvane
Gmunden Artist-Chuma Maweni-work-2023-©Michael-Maritsch_0072.jpg

Chuma Maweni

Chuma Maweni * 1976 in Port Elizabeth/SA, lives and works in Cape Town.


Chuma Maweni produces fastidiously crafted wheel-turned ceramics that feature distinctive silhouettes, intricately ribbed surfaces, and the use of black clay. Maweni’s work has evolved from vessels to ceramic pedestals, stools, and tables, and takes its most ambitious form to date in his Imbizo (“gathering” in Xhosa) collection of clay furniture.

Chuma Maweni
Madoda Fani
Gmunden Artist-Madoda Fani-2023-©Michael-Maritsch_0069.jpg

Madoda Fani

* 1975 in South Africa, lives and works in Cape Town.


Inspired by his African heritage, Madoda Fani produces hand-formed burnished and smoke-fired works that represent a contemporary take on traditional Nguni ceramics. The smooth, polished surfaces of his organically shaped vessels are embellished with intricate carved patterns that resemble scales, lending them an insect-like appearance. Fani has now expanded into bronze sculpture and clay furniture as part of his work for Southern Guild Gallery.

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