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Dominika Bednarsky / DE

b. 1994 in Schweinfurt, lives and works in Frankfurt am Main /DE.

Offenbach University of Art and Design.



Dominika Bednarsky chooses motifs from nature, alienating them in humorous ways. Her installations and arrangements of glazed ceramics exude an idiosyncratic, opulent air. She explores the ambivalent relationship between animal and human, intertwining body parts, creatures, and plants to create new figurations.

For Gmunden she is realizing a series of large sculptures of mouses playing instruments.

Dominika Bednarsky

Ben Orkin / ZA

b. 1998 in Cape Town, South Africa, where he lives and works. 

Michaelis School of Fine Art, Cape Town.



Ben Orkin’s ceramic objects evoke a mood of intimacy, ranging between moments of enrichment and dependence, affirmation and resistance. Shiny glazes form a protective outer layer, testifying to the touch of the craftsman and a keen sense of tactile qualities.

Orkin is making use of the infrastructure at Gmunden to further develop his work on a large scale, which has so far dealt with themes of safety, fears, and barriers related to homosexuality and AIDS.

Ben Orkin

Rosi Steinbach / DE

b. in Karl-Marx-Stadt /Chemnitz, lives and works in Leipzig/DE. Studied at the University of Applied Sciences in Köthen, has been working in ceramics since 1990.


Rosi Steinbach rose to fame with colored glazed ceramic busts of artists and people from her surroundings. In her other groups of works, she often explores the diverse ways in which humans have appropriated nature.

With portrait busts of people from the orbit of Gmundner Keramik, she is capturing the present moment in order to document contemporary history in her own way.

Rosi Steinbach

Julia Beliaeva / UA

b. 1988, Haisyn, Ukraine, lives and works in Kyiv, Artist in Residence at OÖ Landes-Kultur GmbH since March 22.

Studied at the Kyiv State Institute of Applied Art Mykhailo Boychuk and the New Arts School, Media Art for Practitioners.


Julia Beliaeva achieves a graceful balance between virtuality, physicality, and fragility, merging past and present. She uses modern technologies such as 3D scanning/ modeling/ printing and VR, as well as traditional techniques, often working in ceramics.

At Gmundner Keramik she is producing large works that resemble traditional tiled stoves but also recall the bombed, burned-out houses in Kyiv and tell tales of war and flight in their figurative friezes. Her works will be shown in an exhibition at OK Linz in 2023.

Julia Beliaeva

Linda Luse / LV|AT

b. 1987 in Gulbene/LV, lives and works in Linz (since 2014). University of Art and Design Linz, Plastic Conception/ Ceramics.


Linda Luse addresses in her work themes such as labor, debt, economics, agriculture, and the everyday world. In addition to doing installations and video and audio works, she also combines contemporary materials with traditional and age-old ceramic techniques.

In collaboration with Gmundner Keramik, she is developing a large installation using molded corn plants grown as biofuel with a glaze made from the biomass left by their combustion. Metallic elements absorbed by the plant contaminate and discolor the ceramic pieces, which are up to three meters high.

Linda Luse

Maria Kulikovska / UA

b. 1988, Kerch, Crimea/ Ukraine, Artist in Residence at OÖ LandesKultur GmbH since March 22. Studied architecture at the National Academy of Arts in Kyiv and fine arts at Konstfack University in Sweden.


The artist, architect, and actionist performer has expanded her main themes of the body, femininity, and power since fleeing the Russian annexation of Crimea in 2014 and becoming a registered refugee. Motherhood in times of war, forced migration, and exile are the issues that occupy her today.

At Gmundner Keramik she is making plates painted in watercolor that tell of war and flight, while also continuing her work with body impressions to produce a glazed ceramic “body table.” 

Her works will be shown at the Francisco Carolinum Linz from September 8, 2022.

Maria Kulikovska
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